After many years of experience with sheet metal manufacturing and certified welding Christensen Industries is uniquely specialized for the fabrication of Custom Metal Enclosures and System Chassis Housings. CI has built our reputation as an industry leader in terms of high quality and exceptional product performance, even when dealing with the tightest of tolerances.

Challenging specifications are no problem for our skilled staff of engineer’s and metal fabrication specialists, which is why many of the world’s most demanding systems depend on housings built at Christensen Industries. We have the experience needed to get the design, fit and function of your product right the first time. Christensen Industries has the ability to utilize our vast selection of in house processes to customize the Enclosure that best suits your application. We offer a variety of styles and variations in Enclosure manufacturing processes and can developed custom techniques to meet your need.

Our Nadcap Welding Certification together with the right combination of capabilities, such as chemical etching of aluminum or passivation of stainless steel, ensures that we can deliver the most complex Enclosures to your exact specifications. Punching, forming, bending, heat-treating, riveting and assembly techniques, along with our Certified Fusion (TIG) and Resistance Spot-Welding and weld grinding, make us the perfect fit for any style of Custom Metal Enclosure. Fully machined enclosures and sheet metal/machined combination jobs are also available at CI.


With our in-house metal finishing abilities, once the manufacture of your Enclosures is complete we can chem-film, passivate, paint or powder-coat your products so that they are ready for installation the minute they leave our facility. Custom chassis’, computer boxes, electronic systems, batteries, power supply units, “black boxes”, ARINC housings, avionics, radar equipment and communications systems are some of the many technologies that utilize Custom Metal Enclosure’s built at Christensen Industries.

Working with various customers over the years we have developed advanced techniques and tooling that make any type of Metal Enclosure a perfect fit for our manufacturing facility. Let Christensen Industries offer you a higher level of performance and quality on your next Custom Metal Enclosure job.


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