ARINC 600 Series Trays


Most of the requirements set out by ARINC 600 came about after the widely popular use of ARINC 404 systems. It was a time when aerospace engineers and designers concluded that the 404 series of ARINC would not be suitable for the new generation systems that were to reach the market. Where the ARINC 404 Series had been developed for older analog equipment, the ARINC 600 Series was developed for use with newer digital equipment. This dramatically changed the power and wiring requirements for new systems and thus resulted in the development of these new Modular Concept Unit (MCU) Trays for use with the advancing technology. These new designs were based on simplified sizing configurations in order reduce the variety of racking systems and enclosures required to house the new systems entering the field.


ARINC 600 Trays are part of the large family of Line Replaceable Units (LRU)’s currently being used in a variety of technologically advanced fields. They are found throughout the aerospace industry in a host of applications for use in aircraft and ground based systems. They are also widely used throughout the medical, defense, government and other transportation industries. LRU’s such as the ARINC 600 Trays and the enclosures they house are designed to be modular in order to allow for quick installation, repair and updating or exchanging of equipment by certified repair stations while minimizing down-time. Systems can be removed and replaced with new equipment in a fraction of the time that permanent installations would require to be repaired, exchanged or updated. This is of particular value in the transportation industries where expensive equipment must be taken out of service to perform these system updates and repairs.


Christensen Industries is a world leader in the development and manufacturing of ARINC 600 Series Trays and enclosures. We carry our own unique line of MCU products that meet or exceed industry and ARINC 600 standards. We also offer a variety of connector plates, plenums, and cooling configurations for your specific needs.


At Christenen Industries, we have worked to develop advanced tooling and techniques in manufacturing that add additional strength and performance to our ARINC 600 products. Our custom 90 degree deformations and in-house Nadcap certified special processes give us the flexibility to build a superior product than the competition, without increasing the cost of manufacturing to our customers.

We offer a full line of ARINC 600 Trays in sizing from 1-12 MCU. We also have a standard line of connector plates, metering plates, plenums and cooling configurations available for our trays.

Many of our customers have unique or challenging applications for which they need custom solutions. At Christensen Industries our staff of highly skilled engineers and designers can customize a product to fit your specific needs. Our “all in-house” approach to manufacturing makes even custom jobs of both small and large quantities fast and affordable at Christensen Industries, without sacrificing quality. Contact us today to learn how we can help you reduce costs and shorten the lead-times of your ARINC 600 products while offering you the finest parts available anywhere in the world.


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