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CI to Re-Certify Heat Treating of Aluminum to Nadcap Standards in 2014

Due to an increased demand for Nadcap Certified Heat Treating, Christensen Industries management announced plans today to reacquire  Nadcap Accreditation for its Aluminum Heat Treat Special Process. Christensen Industries opted to not renew Nadcap accreditation for Heat Treating after the expiration of several contracts requiring it in April 2012. Since that time CI has continually maintained Nadcap quality standards in Heat Treating without undergoing certification audits. “We maintained the necessary quality standards with the expectation that when our customer demand required it, we would re-certify that Special Process” said Vice President of Operations, Rob Christensen. He cited an increase in current customer demand as well as new precision metal fabrication opportunities on the horizon as the two primary decisions driving re-certification.

CI processes Aluminum Heat Treating to the following standards:

The Nadcap Certification Audit for Heat Treatment of Aluminum Alloys is scheduled for April of 2014. Learn more about Christensen Industries Heat Treating capabilities here:


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