Nadcap Certified Welding

Nadcap Certified Fusion (TIG) Welding of Aluminum

Nadcap is the ultimate test of welding quality. At Christensen Industries, Spot-Welding and Fusion Welding (TIG) of Aluminum, Steel and Stainless Steel is Nadcap Accredited. With Nadcap Certified Welding, our customers always know that they are receiving the highest quality of workmanship available.

Nadcap Certified Resistance Spot Welding

Third party Nadcap certification audits regularly test every aspect of our welding process. This includes the training and certification of our welders to the most stringent requirements that the American Welding Society has set forth. It also verifies that proper weld schedules are laid out for each of our welding Certified TIG Welding Equipmentprocesses, correct materials and techniques are used and that parts are cleaned and processed in the prescribed manner to ensure the integrity of the welds. This means that you won’t have to worry about the little details, because we already have, leaving nothing to chance with the quality of your precision welding jobs.

Christensen Industries has over two decades of experience in certified welding for the most demanding industries in the world. With an emphasis on aluminum welding of exotic alloys, stainless steel welding and resistance spot-welding for a variety of applications. We specialize in the welding of enclosures, housings, chassis’, custom fabricated parts, connector plates, arinc trays/atr racks and the necessary enclosures for arinc tray/atr racking systems. From weld only operations to full custom metal fabrication and welding, we offer a solution for your product.

Power Supply Enclosures that have been Nadcap Fusion Welded

Christensen Industries’ Welding processes are certified to the following specifications and accredited by Nadcap:

  • DPS 10.225 TIG Welding
  • DPS 10.301 Fusion Welding
  • DPS 10.350-17 Standard Welding Procedure – Military
  • DPS 10.800 Resistance Spot Seam Welding
  • AMS-STD-2219 Fusion Welding
  • AWS D17.1 Fusion Welding
  • AWS D17.2 Resistance Spot Welding
  • MIL-STD-1595 Qualification of Aircraft, Missile and Aerospace Fusion Welders
  • MIL-STD-2219 Fusion Welding for Aerospace Applications
  • MIL-W-6858 Welding, Resistance, Spot and Seam

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