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In the precision metal fabrication industry, Heat Treating provides an efficient way to manipulate the properties of an alloy in order to yield desired results. Whether that is to soften the aluminum alloy to allow bending and forming or to harden a finished product for better strength, Heat Treating and Annealing are an important part of the metal manufacturing process.

Eddy Current Conductivity Testing of a Heat Treated Part

Most metal manufacturing companies are forced to interrupt the production cycle in order to outsource the Heat Treating of their products. This adds to the lead-time of your job, and incurs additional costs associated with using an outside vendor to process Heat Treating. There are also added risks when the manufacturer no longer controls the process from start to finish and is at the mercy of another vendor’s processes, production schedule and capacity.

At Christensen Industries, the Heat Treating and Annealing of your aluminum parts are performed in house by our expert technicians. This gives us the ability to bend, form and manipulate metals during the manufacture process and then change the properties of the metal through Heat Treating to meet the required end result, all without interrupting the production cycle. The result is a faster, more cost-effective production run, without sacrificing control over the quality of the process.

Proper Heat Treating requires very precise controls and processing in order to obtain a quality product. If exact processing temperatures, soak times and quenching aren’t observed correctly the finished part will likely not conform. At Christensen Industries we are not willing to leave the quality of our workmanship Rockwell Hardness Tester Verifying a Part That Has Been Heat Treatedto question, which is why we offer Nadcap Certified Heat Treating and Annealing of Aluminum Alloys. Once your product is shaped to your specifications we can achieve the necessary temper and strength that the parts final use demands. The stringent requirements and controls that our Nadcap certification puts in place for this special process, along with our commitment to quality and continuous improvement, ensures that your product will be processed correctly and meet your requirements every time.

After completing the Heat Treat process we verify product conformity of all parts through Rockwell Hardness Testing and Eddy Current Conductivity Testing to ensure that the desired temper has been achieved.

Christensen Industries offers a variety of certified Heat Treating options, including; Annealing, High Temperature Heat Treating, Polymer Quenching, Water Quenching, Straightening and Artificial Aging.

Christensen Industries’ Heat Treating and Annealing processes are certified to the following specifications and accredited by Nadcap:

  • AMS 2770 Heat Treatment of Aluminum Alloy
  • AMS-H-6088 Heat Treatment of Aluminum Alloys
  • ASTM E18-08 Rockwell Hardness Testing
  • ASTM E1004-09 Electrical Conductivity Testing
  • MIL-H-6088 Heat Treatment of Aluminum Alloys
  • MIL-STD-1537 Electrical Conductivity Test – Eddy Current Method

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