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Christensen Industries has been a world leader in custom metal fabrication and precision machining for over 20 years. We specialize in servicing the world’s most advanced industries, including the aerospace, defense and medical fields. In addition to our sheet metal manufacturing and machining services we also offer certified metal finishing, including plating, painting and powder coating.

CI provided the Aerospace community with cable and wire harness products for several years prior to beginning metal operations. As a cable and wire producer, we learned that there were not enough dependable metal suppliers available to shops like our own. Facing impossibly long lead times and terrible customer service from our own metal suppliers, we began a transition out of cable and wire work and into full scale metal production. One of the primary reasons for making the change was to offer metal fabrication services of a higher quality and on shorter lead-times than what had previously existed. Today Christensen Industries offers a full line of custom metal manufacturing and machining services on a contractual basis.  In addition to our contract manufacturing services, we also offer our own unique line of products.  Among those unique products are our Arinc 404 ATR (Air Transport Radio) and Arinc 600 MCU (Modular Component Unit) Trays.  Christensen Industries has developed and mastered a wide variety of manufacturing techniques and expanded our capabilities to include virtually every service that the our customers’ designs require.  Contact us today to learn about the high quality products and services that we can offer to you.

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